Mission & Vision


SEMATCO is committed to providing superior geo-technical engineering and material testing services to projects in Kuwait, through our highly competent staff and use of the latest technologies


To become Kuwait’s leading company providing geo-technical engineering and material testing services to the Kuwaiti construction market.


Every project built in Kuwait starts with the data provided by companies like ours. The integrity of the information initially provided is crucial to the success of any project.

We are committed to providing information that is:

Accurate – SEMATCO has and is continuing to invest in laboratory equipment, drilling rigs, data processing equipment, engineering software packages, as well as highly trained personnel. We adhere to international standards and are ISO certified.

Timely – We strive to provide the needed information in a timely manner

Trustworthy – SEMATCO seeks to create a relationship of trust by providing efficient, reliable testing, opinions, and solutions. To gain the satisfaction of our customers, and have their repeat business is our aim.