Projects & Drilling Department

Projects & Drilling Department

It is the responsibility of the department to:


  1. Carry out all the site work related to soil either onshore or offshore.
  2. Carry out all necessary maintenance work to all rigs.
  3. Maintain enough tools on stock to carry out jobs properly.


This department has enough technical staff represented by mechanical engineer, experienced drillers, drivers, mechanics and workers, in addition to, seven drilling rigs to fulfill the following scope of work:

Scope of Work:

  1. Geotechnical bore holes onshore and offshore to various depths.
  2. Standard and Cone Penetration Testing (SPT & CPT) to evaluate soil strength.
  3. Pressure meter test.
  4. Soil sampling both disturbed and undisturbed.
  5. Water sampling.
  6. Field permeability.
  7. Water wells and dewatering systems.
  8. Drilling holes both vertically and horizontally or inclined at pre-specified angles for installation of anchors, or probes for cathode protection, etc.