Material samples are logged and photographed to identify each distinct material layer and may be subject to laboratory testing.

Material Sampling & Testing:

  • Fresh concrete sampling & testing: slump test, flow, temperature measurement, concrete cubes.
  • Hardened concrete sampling and testing: concrete coring, cube crushing, NDT (ultrasonic, Schmidt hammer, structural load test)
  • Raw Material Testing: sand, gravel, cement, sieve analysis, abrasion, fineness
  • Soil Testing: Direct shear, triaxial test, consolidation test, specific gravity, grain size distribution, resistivity, hydrometer test, bulk density, water content.
  • Evaluation of soil bearing capacity by PLT
  • Sub-grade & fill material tests: modified proctor, field density, CBR.
  • Asphalt sampling and testing.
  • Chemical content of soil & concrete: sulphate, chloride, nitrate, carbonate, organic content, heavy metals, contaminant
  • Chemical content of water: chloride, sulphate, nitrate, hydrogen sulphide H2S