Technical Department

Technical Department

This department is considered the kitchen facility of SEMATCO. It carries out the following tasks:


Conform test procedure in both drilling and laboratory departments to International Standards, i.e., ASTM, BS, DIN, ISO, ACI.

  1. Train personnel to carry out newly introduced tests as per standards requirements.
  2. Train personnel to implement health and safety measures in their working environments.
  3. Check all test reports before submittal to clients.
  4. Produce all technical reports.
  5. Carry out all structural analysis required for building evaluation requested.
  6. Archive all technical reports in a library in hardcopy and electronic format.
  7. Make sure that health and safety measures are followed by all staff.
  8. Provide clients with professional third part inspectors.

Scope of Work:

  1. Design and supervision of soil investigation programs.
  2. Design and supervision of dewatering system.
  3. Design of soil improvement techniques, i.e., grouting, soil reinforcement, compaction.
  4. Design of foundation system both shallow and deep.
  5. Evaluation of soil bearing capacity.
  6. Evaluation of soil parameters.
  7. Evaluation of concrete structures.